We are Media Servicing

We support some of the greatest names in film, television, music & advertising.

We guard film & tape collections, props and essential records that are relied upon by broadcasters, filmmakers and distributors.

We help the media industries to take their image to the world, transporting them across continents to every major event in the calendar.

We innovate

We innovate to apply new environmental solutions to the legacy of film and tape – keeping them from landfill and ensuring a better outcome for digital transition.

We assist corporate clients to produce and install on-site branding at some of London’s finest venues.

We help our clients to make the most of their message.


Meet Our Team

Dean Monahan
Dean MonahanManaging Director
m: +44(0)7956 398213
t: +44(0)20 8573 9999
Mark Matthews
Mark MatthewsMarkets, Festivals & Operations Manager
t: +44(0)20 8573 9999
m: +44(0)7779 032854
Kim Erin Cowley
Kim Erin CowleyDirector of Business Development
m: +44(0)7807 597790
John Owen
John OwenStorage / Technical Manager
t: +44(0)20 8912 5267
Graham Seeley
Graham SeeleyDirector, Media Servicing Events
m: +44(0)7711 366555
t: +44(0)20 8573 9999