Media Logistics

We were born to serve the media events calendar, moving anything that a standbuilder couldn’t. We now serve more than 60 shows across the year as well as individual launches and junkets.

Beyond the markets and festivals, we’ve been trusted to transport some of the most precious media assets around the world – and our bespoke service is designed to directly address the needs of some very special clients – from large scale international freighting by air, land & sea, to the collation and distribution of presentations & gifts.

Case Study

CLIENT:Major International Television Distributor

(Specific references for this and other projects are available in confidence).

Service provider: Media Servicing

Operation: Logistics & support at major international trade events.

Transportation of marketing & stand support materials to Mipcom in Cannes, France.

Client spearheaded the international sales effort for a new season of a landmark television series.

Media Servicing collated promotional items in the UK which arrived from a number of overseas suppliers. These were packed to presentation bags, transported to Cannes and supported distribution throughout the show.

“An event like Mipcom puts branding front and centre. We not only need to be focused and co-ordinated in our own message, we have to trust our suppliers and service providers to understand our aim and deliver the same level of performance. Media Servicing are an established member of our team at these events. We’ve developed a trust and understanding over the years that has created great confidence in their ability to deliver.”