Media Storage

In the UK, we now offer storage facilities from 5 different buildings, offering multiple storage solutions:

Ambient Room Conditions

65F +/- 3
45% RH +/- 4%

Premier Vault
44F +/- 3
25% RH +/- 4%

Private Compartments

Prop Bay & Larger Assets

Our locations west of London currently host around 4 million items

Whether for the short or long term, we offer a full management service, including daily deliveries and collections as well as integrated international freighting, courier and even the recycling of unwanted materials.

We are also able to provide online access for up to the minute inventory tracking.

We are accredited to the Federation Against Copyright Theft and are HMRC bonded


Case Study

CLIENT: Global Production & Content Provider

(Specific references for this and other projects are available in confidence).

Service provider: Media Servicing

Operation: Storage and servicing of tape archive.

Major film and tape library consolidated from a number of collections and locations.

Data entry brief was taken from the client who asked us to work with their library software.

A dedicated account manager is able to oversee traffic, liaising with multiple client contacts to handle daily arrivals and despatches.

Additional services include shipping to markets and events worldwide, international shipping and via media recycling, secure destruction.

“The task of consolidating an inventory of this size has been a long-held strategic aim and one that was in the end realised very smoothly, utilising media’s personnel and logistics knowhow. we are able to continue operating our own library software and have in consultation, created a daily service schedule that perfectly fits our needs.”